Lužické hory

Lužické hory


Alena Dvořáková
Žofín 6
Horní Podluží
407 57

Alena Dvořáková:
(production and sale)
+420 607 831 542

Karel Dvořák:
+420 721 824 307
+420 412 379 454



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skype: KoziFarmaZofin

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Goat products




April to end of October - production and sale of goat products: goat milk and goat cheese.

September to January/February - goats are in their gestation period (5 months) and the production of milk decreases. Unfortunately, goat’s cheese is not produced during these months. At Easter, the kids are weaned and the goats are available for human milking again.


Goat cheese (red pepper and garlic) 46 CZK per 10 dkg 200-400 g/packet

Goat cheese (natural) 46 CZK per 10 dkg 200-400 g/packet

Goat milk 33 Kč per 1 l (bring your own containers)


Open hours:

Mo-Su from 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.