Lužické hory

Lužické hory


Alena Dvořáková
Žofín 6
Horní Podluží
407 57

Alena Dvořáková:
(production and sale)
+420 607 831 542

Karel Dvořák:
+420 721 824 307
+420 412 379 454



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skype: KoziFarmaZofin

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Breed and sale of kids for breeding or meat


Brown kids with their mum


Our farm specializes in white short-haired goat breeding but we have also brown goats. We carefuly control quality of the milk, where we watch mainly amount of proteins and fats. We maintain a high standard of care for our animals, abide by standard regulatory and veterinary controls.

At present time we have got 15 diary goats, 1 buck and 1 castrated buck. From April to November, the goats are pastured in areas where they can find shelter in a number of wooden summer barns. In winter they live in a newly constructed stable, where they can use egress nearby.